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Latest Placement List


Some of our students who passed from our institute are presently working in the following organisation with a very good pay package.

  • Mr. Puneet Gupta - ADA Agra
  • Mr. Puneet Srivastava - Air India
  • Ms Pallavi Pandey - Airport Authority of India
  • Mr. Suraj Chaurasia - DRDO Bangalore
  • Mr. Nitin Mishra - Pune
  • Mr. Surendra K Yadav - Trainee, Air India
  • Mr. Sajal Sen Gupta - M.Tech (Kharagpur)
  • Mr. Vimal Anshu Shekhar - M.Tech (Kharagpur)
  • Mr. Pashupati - M.Tech(Kharagpur)
  • Mr. Srikant Apte - M.Tech (Kharagpur)
  • Ms. N eetu Jha - M.Tech (Kharagpur)
  • Mr. Rajeev Kr. - M.Tech (BITS Ranchi)
  • Mr. Amit Kr. - NAL, Bangalore
  • Mr. K. Ramchandran - NAL, Bangalore
  • Mr. Manoj Kr. Soni - NAL, Bangalore
  • Mr. Deepak Jha - NAL, Bangalore
  • Mr. ManiRam - Trainee,
  • Ms. Leena Sharma - Air India Trainee,
  • Ms. Ekta Srivastava - Air India Trainee,
  • Mr. Sarvesh Singh Chauhan - Air India Trainee,
  • Mr. Ambuj Anand Singh - Air India Trainee, Air India
  • Mr. Rakesh Misra - HCL
  • Mr. Ahmer Pasha Warsi - HCL
  • Mr. Ajay Diwakar - SAMSUNG
  • Mr. Suberto Banerjee - TATA MOTORS
  • MS. Deepali Roy - HDFC HOUSING
  • Mr. Binod Adhikary - INDUSIND BANK
  • Mr. Manish Asthana - LG ELECTRONICS
  • MS. Manisha Arora - L&T
  • Mr. Sudip Banerjee - L&T
  • Mr. Rahul Singh - TCS
  • MS. Shibani Majumdar - TCS
  • MS. Oindlia Gupta - TCS
  • MS. Sukanya Lahiri - TCS
  • Mr. Danish Aziz - bajaj
  • Mr. Amarjeet Kaur - jet Airways
  • MS. Ratna Rai - INDIGO
This list is compiled on the basis of feedback which we get from our ex students from time to time. There can be some changes


Partial list of organizations which absorb the Aeronautical Engineering Graduates for various jobs.

Public sector Airlines
Air India
Air India Express
Indian Airlines
Alliance Air
Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd.

Air Taxi
Air works India Ltd.
Aerotech Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.
Blue Dart Aviation Ltd.
Saraya Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
Trans Bharat Aviation Ltd.

State Govt. Aviation
Coal India Ltd.
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL)
Border Security Force (BSF)
National Aeronautical Lab (NAL)

Private Airlines
Air Canada
Air France
Air Deccan
British Airways
Go Airways
Gulf Airways
Indus Airways
Jet Airways
Jet Lite
Jagson Airlines
Qatar Airways
Kingfisher Airlines
Lufthansa Airways
Malaysia Airways
Oman Airways
Paramount Airways
Spice Jet
Singapore Airlines
Sri Lankan Airlines
Thai Airways
United Airways
Visa Airways
Aviators India Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Industries
Raymonds Ltd.
HAL Rotary Wing Academy
EIH Ltd.
Global Vectra Helicrop Pvt. Ltd.
Indo Pacific Aviation
Jubiliant Enpro Pvt. Ltd.
Himalaya Heli Services Pvt. Ltd.
OSS Air Mgmt. Aero Augusta Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmadabad Avia & Aero Ltd.
AR Airways Pvt. Ltd.
SRC Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
United Helecharters Pvt. Ltd.
Vectra Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
Universal Pvt. Ltd.
Taj Air Ltd.
Tourbo Airways Pvt. Ltd.
Summit Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
Ran Air Services Ltd.
Punj Lioyd Ltd.
Span Air Pvt. Ltd.
Skytech Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

Cargo Operators
First Flight Couriers Ltd.
Jupiter Aviation & Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Lufthanasa Cargo India.
Crescent Air Cargo Service Pvt. Ltd.

Flying Training School
Amritsar Aviation Club
AP Aviation Academy
Assam Flying Club
Bombay Flying Club
Coimbatore Aviation Academy
Delhi Flying Club
Govt. Flying Training Inst.
Kerala Aviation Academy
Ludhiana Aviation Club
Patiala Aviation Club

Apart from these institute almost every state has its own flying training school.
In addition to this, all the domestic as well as international airlines have a great shortage of well trained aeronautical engineers.